PokerStars Review

PokerStars Review


  • Website:
  • Established: 2000
  • Multi-Tabling: 20
  • Traffic: Extremely High
  • Players competition: Tough
  • Mac Compatible: Yes
  • US Friendly: No

The most popular online poker room is PokerStars. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for the best all-around room with excellent software and the most player traffic.

  • The best overall online poker room with top-notch software.
  • Well known online room. Comfortably number one for traffic.
  • Friendly $600 bonus.
  • Difficult competition.

PokerStars is a very refined poker room that works hard to make sure that the software, support and everything else about the room is at its best in the field. PokerStars isn’t the number one poker room on the Internet without the right reason, which is why I Cheerfully Stars to anyone looking for a reliable place to play poker for the long-run.

The bad aspect of Stars, however, is the difficult competition. So if you’re interested in winning money, Poker-Stars isn’t a great option, unfortunately.

The competition and traffic of PokerStars

  • The top room for traffic. You can’t find a room with more players.
  • A high ratio of good to bad players. Not easy to win money, even as a great player.

You can’t argue with having more players than any other room, so let’s just leave it at that. If you can’t find enough players at the right bets at Poker-Stars, you are not going to have better luck elsewhere.

However, among all this traffic is a surprisingly high concentration of experienced players.

Most people assume that if a poker room has many players, they will be lots of fish fry. Although it’s true, it means that lots of great players flock to Poker-Stars to try and take advantage of any new players they can find.

As the result, you’re more likely to run into a great player that is ready to take your money, than a new player that is ready to give you theirs. I’m certain if you try hard enough you can sit at some of the softer tables, but it’s much easier (not to mention less tiresome) to play at the softer room in general (like PartyPoker or Bovada)

The PokerStars software

  • Incredibly well designed and well-built software. The client is of the highest quality.
  • Lots of in-game features. Great for multi-tablers too.
  • Downloadable application for Mac players.
  • Not a big fan of the table audio.

I feel very “salesy” as I write this section, but am not bother. I’ve played in almost every poker room out there, but I have never played at one which runs smoothly and works as well as the PokerStars client.

Loads of features, lots of mods and personalization, impressively fast and problems free. Honestly, you’re better off to just download PokerStars and try it yourself.

The only minor thing I don’t really like about the PokerStars room is the table audio. I doubt most people will even notice it there because it sounds clunky and it’s just not as sleek as the rest of the room in my overly-critical opinion.

The PokerStars bonus

100% up to $600 Bonus

Claim This Bonus

100% up to $600 bonus at PokerStars is available to only new players in the room using the bonus code STARS600 on their 1st deposit. You can enter Poker-Star marketing when signing up, but it makes no difference as to whether you receive the bonus or not. To Enter STARS600 when making a deposit is the important part.

Be cautious of entering an alternate PokerStars code (for example <) when signing up, as you may not be entitled to the maximum possible bonus. I can assure you that the bonus codes and marketing codes listed on this site are of high quality.

Poker-Stars bonus is cleared at a pretty good rate (20 VPPs per $1 bonus). After clearing the full bonus amount, it will effectively work out as receiving 27.5% of the rake you paid back to your account.

The PokerStars bonus details

You earn 5.5 VPPs for all $1 paid in rake at PokerStars. To get the full $600 bonus and collect 12,000 VPPs, you must have paid around $2,182 in rake. However the bonus works to give you 27.5% of your rake back, that is about the right percentage as standard rake-back deals.

The PokerStars bonus period won’t last forever, but it does act as a very good substitute for rake-back in the meantime.

The Useful PokerStars pages

  • PokerStars rake-back – See how earning FPPs and trading them for cash converts into a rake-back percentage.
  • PokerStars Ubuntu – Using Ubuntu? Find out how you can play PokerStars on the Ubuntu OS.
  • New PokerStars bonus – PokerStars updated their bonus to a new 100% up to $600 one at the beginning of August 9th. See how it compares to the old $50 bonus that they used to offer.
  • New PokerStars VIP system – PokerStars also updated the ways you earn VPPs this year.

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