Roulette Pivot System

The Pivot Roulette system or "Andruchi System" (or Andrucci roulette system as it is commonly misspelled), is one of the simplest ways to try your luck at the online Roulette. Although the Pivot system is easy to apply, some players often find it boring, but the opportunity of playing on two or more tables simultaneously is a good remedy against boredom.

The Pivot System lies on the statistical theory called “Law Of The Third” which says that on average: in 37 spins, around 12 numbers will not appear. That’s 24 "hot" numbers, leaving 12 that you can expect not to appear. This means that some numbers must appear several times. Another name for this theory is “law of uneven distribution”.

The average of consecutive spins as more spins are generated
The average of consecutive spins as more spins are generated

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Roulette repeating Numbers

So, the fact that a player is more likely to spin a number that has already spun earlier in the sequence can be considered living proof of the cyclical nature of random gaming actions.

In fact, if you continue spinning until all 37 numbers have appeared at least once, at least one of the numbers on the roulette wheel will have repeated 8 times. And it does not matter at what point you start tracking the numbers as long as you are tracking consecutive numbers

This could be a good scientific way of picking a number, instead to choose randomly.

In the Andruchi roulette system, one of the fundamentals is that you are able to record the numbers that are selected in the extreme short term, in this case, at least 30 spins. Like the Pivot roulette system, the ideal scenario is one where you can sit and observe those 30 spins without having to play.

Online Roulette

However, if you are playing Internet roulette at an online casino, which usually requires you to wager in order to get the game going, your best options are to either-

Make even money bets for those 30 spins while you record the results,

Or utilize the "Play for Fun" mode whole those 30 spins are playing out, record the results, and move on to the next step.

So what's the next step

Well, what you want to do is mark the number that comes up most frequently. That could wind up being two different numbers (both coming out twice, for example), in which case you may want to pick one. Simply place the same bet on that number for 30 consecutive spins and see where that takes you.

What if 2 numbers appear

If two numbers appear most frequently, and they are adjacent to each other on the roulette layout, you may want to place a split bet on them instead of a straight-up bet.

Roulette Pivot System
Roulette Pivot System

Doe's this system work?

The thing is that the system is based on the previous experience, which means that the statistics results are made on the numbers that already had come up. Is there any guarantee that it will happen again in the next 36 spins?

Even if we agree on this fact, how can we know, which number will come up next? It will be one of 12 but which exactly? And how can we define the sequence of 12 numbers? We can start with one number, while the pattern can start from any other?

It seems that on some roulette wheel it will work and on some won't? This system, even if it happens that it works, cannot be applied in a long run. You need to switch the patterns of the play.