Learn Roulette Strategy

Once you have absorbed how to play and what to do under different circumstances and practiced your skills to make sure that you can play under casino conditions, you will be ready to take on the casinos.

Once you learn how to play and beat the game, there will be no holding you back. You will know how to make wagers that offer a minimum edge or "vig" to the casinos and how to set specific win targets, prevent losses and walk away from nearly all roulette sessions a net winner.

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Get Rich Playing Roulette

You can literally use the Roulette Strategy to get rich playing roulette. If you want to make $1,000 a day gambling, this is the strategy for you.

Once you start winning at roulette, it is like coining your own money. The casino chips will pile up in front of you, and you will find that the casino personnel will even offer many comps to you. "Comps" are casino jargon for complementary, and if you follow my advice and use the Advantage Roulette Strategy correctly, you will not only beat the casinos, but you will have the casino bosses fawning on you offering you free meals, free rooms, show tickets and even offering to pay your airfare.

If you want to learn to play roulette professionally, you have come to the right place. Once you learn to apply this powerful strategy, you will have a way to consistently beat the casinos. Best of all, there is nothing they can do to stop you!

Skillful blackjack players always run the risk of being barred from playing. In Nevada, card counters have been treated like card cheats or criminals in the past simply because they were applying their skill to beat a casino game.

With roulette play, you will never have to worry about being barred because of your skillful play. When you start to pull down huge wins, all the bosses can do is sweat and pay you off. If you are a high roller, you can take the casino for thousands of dollars in just a few minutes using the Advantage Roulette Strategy and there's nothing the house can do about it. If you are a low roller, I will show you how you can use your casino winnings to vault into the high roller category in a short time period.

This website will show you exactly how to become and stay a consistent winner at roulette. The process of becoming a winning roulette player was aptly described in a jewel of a book I discovered on one of my trips to Las Vegas. The Sealed Book of Roulette was published by "Billiken" in London in 1924. While some of his systems are too cumbersome to use at roulette as it is played now, his approach to beating the game has merit -

There is a popular saying that figures can be made to '"prove anything." Critics usually say that mathematicians have proved over and over again that it is impossible to win at Roulette. This sweeping assertion is incorrect. The skilled mathematician invariably deals with theory, not practice, but when he develops the -nth sense, and differentiates between probability and possibility, he will discover that the player can defeat the operation of zero [the house edge] and secure a small but safe percentage of profit. . . .

The steady player, like a good Bridge hand, controls himself and invariably wins.

In writing on this website, I realize that the readers will be a diverse group. Some of you will never have played the game. Others will have played the game but may not understand all of the wagers and payoffs. Regardless of your level of play, this website will teach you how to win.

By the time you finish reading, you are going to know more about roulette than most persons involved in the game, including casino managers, pit bosses, and dealers. I know that you will put this knowledge to good use.