The Advantage Roulette Strategy

The Advantage Roulette Strategy is for even-money bets in roulette. These bets consist of wagering on colors - Red or Black, Odd or Even, or high (19-36) or low (1-18) numbers.

Roulette Strategy

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Even-Money Wager Strategy

When you use the even-money bet strategy you will only make one wager at a time. I like to wager on either red or black, but if you prefer, you can use one of the other even-money bets. To avoid confusion, once you pick a favorite even-money wager, you should stay with that combination, at least during a single game. What I mean is that if you decide to bet colors, don't switch to Odd or Even or High or Low in the middle of the same game. I prefer wagering on colors because the two betting boxes are together in the middle of the layout and are easy to reach from different areas of the table.

When I use this "even-money" wager strategy, I usually use casino chips rather than the special colored chips usually given to roulette players in the American version of roulette. It is much more convenient to place your wagers using casino chips which have different values than it is to use the special roulette chips of the same value. For example, if you bought in at a $5 minimum wager roulette table, you would need to ask for $1 valued chips.

To play our basic series requires a $150 buy-in. If you ask for 150 colored chips, the dealer is going to think you are crazy. However, if you convert $150 currency into casino chips, you can easily get $100 in $25 chips, $40 in $5 chips and $10 in dollar valued chips.

There are two critical parts to the Advantage Roulette Even-Money Betting Strategy. The first component is the Betting System which is called the "Controlled Risk Betting Strategy." This betting system is used to determine the size of each wager.

The second component of the strategy is "Adaptive Pattern Betting Method," which used to determine where to place your next wager. This is the Bet Selection part of the strategy.

When you are using the Advantage Roulette Strategy, you will combine both of these components. For example, the CRB Strategy may tell you that your next wager will be for $8.

The APB Method will indicate that your wager will be on red (I will assume that you decide to bet on the Red-Black color wagers throughout my examples).

Roulette Strategy

The Controlled Risk Betting Strategy

Let's learn the Controlled Risk Betting Strategy first. The CRB Betting Strategy is a method for determining the size of every wager you will make before you make the wager. It is not a predefined betting series like a Martingale. You will recall that if you use a Martingale progression you double each wager following a loss until you have a winning wager. A Martingale betting series for a table with $5 minimum wagers would be: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640 and so on.

There are several problems with using a Martingale type of progression.

1. A larger bankroll is required. In order to use a Martingale progression, you have to use a bankroll for each game equal in size to the sum of all of the wagers. The above series would require a bankroll of $1,275.

2. A Martingale progression risks too much in order to win a small amount. If you lost the first seven wagers in the above Martingale series, you would have lost $635 and would be called on to wager $640 in order to recoup your loss and capture a $5 gain. Here the risk is all out of proportion to the potential gain.

3. While Martingale progressions win frequently, the size of their losses are too large. One loss will wipe out hours of profits. And, as we have seen earlier, the improbable (like losing seven decisions in a row) occurs often enough in gambling that you can be sure that you will have large losses if you use a Martingale progression.

The CRB Strategy for Even-Money bets is a flexible strategy where bets can move up and down within a range. By taking this approach, the size of our wagers stay small.

Let's take a look at how the CRB Strategy is formulated.