How to Win at the Roulette

We were at a ski vacation in Kitzbühel, a ski resort in Austria, and found out that there is a small casino there.

How wonderful! We found what to do aprè-ski.

The casinos in Austria have a dress code. You cannot enter there without a jacket and a tie. My girlfriend (now she is my wife) has never been in a casino before and was very excited:

"We should decide that after we lose €100, we stop playing and go back to our hotel room." We were young and 100 euros were quite a sum for us.

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Winning at Roulette

I am a mathematician, and I know something about probabilities and house edge of the casinos. Despite not being a gambler, I have always been fascinated by casino games and betting strategies. I read all the books I could find about gambling and how to win at the casino, including blackjack cards counting, poker pros and especially the roulette.

"Good idea", I answered. "However, we have to also limit the sum we will win if we win. We cannot spend the night at the casino and wake up for ski tomorrow morning".

I had another idea how to spend the night instead of a casino, but was curious, like her, what will happen there. In fact, I knew exactly how to win at most casino games, especially the roulette.

"Do you think it is possible to win money at the casino? Do you really believe those fairies?" She laughed at my naiveté.

"Do you want to gamble at the casino or do you want to make money there?" I asked my girlfriend seriously, ignoring her teasing.

"Of course, I want to make money there. This is the whole idea of the casino excitement," she answered seriously.

"You can suddenly win a big sum of money. Then, if you stop playing and cash out, you beat the system. The real problem of gamblers is that they are not strong enough to take their money when they win and go out of the casino.

OK, then, if we lose or win 100 euros, we leave the casino and go back to the hotel room."

"Well, I don't think you understood my question", I persisted, "I am asking if you want to go there to gamble or you want to win for sure. If you want to win at the casino, you will have to wager exactly how I tell you. This is not gambling. It is more like doing a job: Not very funny but you win chips from the casino and the casino cannot do anything against it, because you play by the rules."

She didn't hesitate: "I want to win at the casino. I will do anything you tell me. However, are you sure it will work? Did you ever try it at a real casino?"

I didn't answer her question. The truth is, that I tried it once before when I was in a casino in Cairo with a friend, and despite following the exact system I dictated, after winning a nice pile of chips, we lost everything to the casino.

My Roulette Girl Friend
Roulette Girl

I knew exactly why we lost: we didn't have enough chips to continue playing more rounds. My system required losing several rounds and then win big, recovering all the previous rounds' losses. I couldn't explain all the theory to my girlfriend an hour before we go out to the casino.

I ignored her question and asked her to bring at least 500 euros with us to the casino. She didn't like it but didn't say anything: She promised to follow my instructions.

When we returned to the hotel room, at four o'clock in the morning, it was because the casino was closing. I couldn't persuade her to leave the roulette table before. She had in her purse all the night winnings, €3,425.

She did understand the system, and you will understand it as well after reading on this website.

People ask me if the system works at online casinos as well. Yes, it works, and the casino cannot prevent you from winning.