Grand Martingale System

This winning roulette system doesn't need more explanations than what we learned about the Martingale system. I will just describe it:

Instead of merely doubling up, the player doubles and add $1 to his next bet.

The Grand Martingale Roulette System
The Grand Martingale Roulette System

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How to win at Roulette with the Grand Martingale System

After betting $1 and losing, the player now bets $3: $1 for the previous loss, another  $1 to make up that loss, and the third $1 to give an extra dollar profit.

If this $3 bet is lost, then the player must wager $7 on his next bet.

The Grand Martingale System demonstration

The Grand Martingale Handicap

This method escalates the bets even more than the Martingale system because if the $7 bet is lost, the next bet would be $15. With the Martingale System, the next wager would have been $8.

This method will reach the casino's betting limit of $500 sooner than with the Martingale system, after 8 bets.

This method suffers from the same handicap like the Martingale system and supposes that the Modified Martingale System might solve its limitation as well.

Let's check how works the Reverse Martingale Strategy called also The Anti-Martingale System.