Roulette Math Advantage

Because roulette is a game of chance, where all wagers offer some mathematical advantage to the house, mathematicians say the game can't be beaten.

Yet, I know the game can be beaten. This website will offer you a new, exciting and proven approach to beating the roulette game, that has been proven time after time in real casino sessions.

Roulette is a Math Game

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Betting Strategies for Roulette

The paucity of reliable published information on effective betting strategies for roulette probably is the result of the blind acceptance of most gambling experts that in the long run, no system can ever overcome a game where the casino has an advantage. The crux of this issue is how we define "long-term." Any system will fail at some point if it is followed blindly to the bitter end regardless of the cost. However, if we break the "long run" into a series of many short runs, over which we have substantial control, then I believe the premise is false.

In a contest between the casino and a player using a really good system, I am convinced that the player can gain a definite edge, especially if the house edge is less than 5 percent.

Characteristic of all would be reputable books on casino gambling are discussions of the so-called gambler's ruin. These discussions are used as a basis for the assertion that in the long run, it is impossible to overcome a negative expectancy, meaning a game where the odds favor the house.

Roulette is a Math Game

A puzzling aspect of all of the analyses I have seen is that any system player is assumed to continue to blindly pursue his system until he loses all of his bankroll. It is on this premise that most systems are generally dismissed as being useless.

However, the proof that any system is bound to fail is usually based on a computerized betting simulation of possible outcomes. These simulations are unrealistic in that they can't test what skillful handing of a gaming contest will entail

Individuals have a number of options that simulations do not consider. A player may quit at the "right time." He may adjust or change his bet selection methods to respond to changing conditions in the game he is playing. He may raise or lower his bets as circumstances indicate. He has the option of pulling off losing tables, with only modest losses. Conversely, he may go for blood during winning sessions. He may lock up profits and limit losses.

The Advantage Roulette Strategy combines many of these "player strengths" to reduce the house edge to close to zero. Then, using specific betting strategies, the player can actually gain an advantage over the house. The result is that the player can win far higher amounts much more consistently than conventional analysis of roulette would predict.

After you learn how to use the correct strategy to play the game, you will learn to apply a set of betting rules. These rules may seem a little complicated when you first read them, but they are easy to use and highly effective.