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Blackjack has received tremendous publicity because of card counting escapades, starting with Edward O. Thorp's revelations in the 1960s that blackjack could be beaten by card counting.

In other words, the greater popularity of craps and blackjack in this country has been more a matter of exposure and publicity than the rational thought processes of gamblers seeking to avoid a casino table game with slightly higher odds than its competitors.

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Roulette at the Casino

The average craps and blackjack players, with their poor playing, give the house a much greater advantage than the average roulette player, to say nothing of the legions of slots players.
The question to be addressed in this website is whether roulette can be beaten by any means other than by pure luck. If it can, then there is no reason to avoid the game, as playing it is one of the more pleasant diversions I can conceive, and if it is possible to win as well, then the experience will not only be pleasant but at times exhilarating.
There are three basic approaches to playing the game. The first and most common way of playing is to use no system at all. This is the way the typical person plays, scattering chips all over the layout, playing favorite numbers based on his birth date, lucky numbers or just plain randomly. While it is possible to win playing this way, any winnings would have to be attributed to luck.
A second approach to is to apply a mechanical system to the game. There have been more systems devised for roulette than for any other casino table game as the roulette layout lends itself to almost endless combinations of wagering. Some of the roulette systems have exotic-sounding names such as Martingale, Labouchere, d'Alembert, and Ascot. Sizable winnings have been attributed to some of these mechanical approaches.

Craps vs Roulette

A third approach is to look for biased wheels. Since it is impossible to make a physically perfect roulette wheel, the biased wheel player will seek to detect mechanical defects in the wheel by "clocking the wheel." To clock the wheel entails recording large numbers of roulette decisions, statistically analyzing the results, and then determining whether an advantage can be gained over the casino because of the defective wheel.

We will explore both the mechanical systems and the wheel clocking approaches on this website. Both approaches contain gems of wisdom which can be used to our advantage.

The objective of this website, however, is not to just present an overview of roulette but rather to demonstrate a powerful and effective way of playing and beating the game on a consistent basis. The background information is presented so that you, the reader, will gain better insight and understanding of the game so that you may apply what you have learned to become a consistent winner in roulette.

Our Roulette Strategies were developed using the best aspects of the mechanical approaches and wheel clocking. With it, you will be able to win a high percentage of your roulette games in any casino in the world.

Casinos don't give money away. To beat them we must target a specific set of objectives and use the right tools, with the right game, beat the casinos at their own game. To this end, you will find our Roulette Strategies most admirable.