Roulette Physical Strategy

Any Roulette Wheel has a little bias. This means that specific numbers win more than others. This bias is caused by wheel imperfection or any defect caused by the extended time of utilization.

The question is how strong is the wheel bias and if this bias affects the sequence of the numbers in a way the player can use to win at the roulette game at this specific table.

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Physics of the Wheel

If in 10,000 roulette wheel turns there will be a very small bias of a few percents deviation the player will not be able to use this information to plan his bets. However, if in most of the wheel turns the ball falls in a specific region of the wheel, the informed player will be able to plan how to bet and win real money at the roulette.

Roulette Physical Strategy
Roulette Physical Strategy

What Causes Bias

Loose Frets:

The frets are the pocket separators. If they become loose, they can absorb impact better than other pockets.

Deadening of pocket surface

Minor scratches on the pocket surface (barely visible to the naked eye

Uneven Wheel Deceleration

An unbiased wheel will spin with smooth rotations and a constant deceleration. In particularly on a clearly tilted wheel or any similar condition where the ball has a common drop point, this effect will almost certainly lead to a sector bias because there will be a dominant wheel orientation in relation to the common ball drop point.

Wheel Wobble

This is where the actual rotor is on a slight angle compared to the earth gravity, meaning one side of the rotor is even a fraction of a millimeter lower than the facing side. Due to gravity, the ball will tend to fall on the lower side of the wheel. Wheel wobble is relatively easy to observe, even without spin list collection.

Deformed Balls

Balls made of ivory are never perfectly round. The less perfect they are, the more likely they are to be affected by ball track defects such as cracks and track deformation.

The difference in the size of pockets

Two pockets are never exactly the same size. The larger the pocket, the more likely the ball will fall and rest in that pocket.

Common Ball Drop Points

Many factors such as tilt can lead to common ball drop points. Not always are they relevant to wheel bias, but in the case of uneven wheel deceleration, common drop points are required for a sector bias to develop.

Dominant Diamond

On most wheels, the ivory little ball will tend to hit more frequently one specific diamond placed around the wheel.

Check this for yourself at any casino by creating a chart like this:

Dominant Roulette Diamond
Dominant Roulette Diamond

Download and print a new Diamond chart for your analysis

At the very least, you will find there are some diamonds that the ball almost never hits, or perhaps some areas where the ball almost never falls from the ball track. This is not random and inevitably leads to more predictable spin results. Now that we know WHERE the ball will fall at least an inordinate amount of times, what if we knew what number was under this area WHEN the ball fell? This is easy to determine, and use for your predictions.

Roulette predictions

Suppose you can predict the pocket in which the ball will fall, even if your prediction is not 100% exact, you can place your bets around the specific pocket you believe will win. In this situation, your edge over the casino would be very high.

Look at this 5 minutes clip where the player bets very close to the pocket in which the ball will eventually fall.

How can he predict the exact or very close winning number?

His prediction is based on long observation of this specific roulette wheel.

First, they run the roulette about 60 times and wrote all the results on an excel sheet. Then, they copied the roulette wheel layout to the excel sheet and made the comparison to see if some numbers areas occurred more than others.

Base on the results of this excel sheet, they started a long analysis from which they learned the exact bias of this specific roulette wheel.

there are pro and con to this method:

The con

It takes a very long time to check every roulette wheel and it might be that at the end of your analysis you won't find a significant bias of the wheel, enough to play at this table and be able to predict the numbers. Then you will have to check another wheel at a roulette table in this casino or maybe at another one.

During this time the dealers and the pit boss will start to ask you about your research.

You can download Pattern Detector Software (Zip file 3.57MB) from here. It will help you to find your biased roulette wheel.

The pro

If you follow this method and finally find a roulette wheel with a significant bias, then you will start to play at this table all day long, betting on all the numbers around the pocket with the positive deviation.

Suppose the deviation of the wheel is around the number 27 red. Let's look at the layout of the roulette wheel on both sides of the number 27 red.


If you can predict that the white ball will fall on the 27 red or at least around this number, you will bet on all the numbers on both sides of the 27 red:


In this case, your bets on the table would look like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24
25 26 27
28 29 30
31 32 33
34 35 36
Note the yellow numbers signaling your bets

For someone who is not familiar with the roulette wheel layout, those bets will look like a wild gambling guess.

However, soon, the other players will notice the pill of chips on your side of the table and start to play the same numbers you play, thinking that you are lucky today.

This is something you need to avoid because very soon the dealers and the pit boss will understand that you found a way to get an edge over the house at this specific roulette table and they will stop the games and cover it until the new wheel will arrive from the roulette wheels producer.

In order to avoid this, you should change your winnings to chips with more value, like $100-500 and keep them in your pockets.

Online Roulettes

At online roulettes there are only the pros: there are no dealers or pit boss to see you checking the wheels of the roulettes. You can at maximum comfort, at home check the deviation of the random of the game.

Every online roulette uses a random numbers generator. This generator has a very small bias you can learn about during your bets at home. You will need to find a casino who will let you play at its roulette table for free. However, you will need to play much more free games in order to be able to find the online roulette random generator bias, around 400. i.e. you need to get at least 10-12 results of each number before being able to figure out the online roulette bias

However, once you find the order of the numbers the online roulette random generator produces, you will be able to win mostly at each roulette spin.

For this, I wouldn't use an excel sheet, but a special software able to analyze the results and predict the next number for you.

Lets read about this software and roulette winning with a computer aid.