The Return on Investment (ROI) Concept

I like to think of returns made from roulette in terms of a return on my investment. The ROI concept is simply a way of relating the amount of money earned to the amount of money at risk. If you invest $1,000 in a bank, leave it there for a year and make $30 in interest, your ROI would be 3 percent. When gambling, it is useful to think of your ROI as the return you earn on the money at risk.

The Return on Investment (ROI) playing Roulette

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The Return on Investment (ROI) Concept Playing Roulette

Bankroll is Investment

At its most basic level, I like to relate the amount of bankroll used in a game as the amount of my investment. Win goals, loss limits, and ROI are all based on the amount of your buy-in. For some gamblers, "buy-in" is not equal to their investment in a game. They may start out giving the dealer $200 to convert to chips, lose those chips, give the dealer another $200 and after losing this amount as well disgustingly throw in a final $100 in currency to convert to chips. Here the original buy-in of $200 does not equal the total amount risked, which is $500.

I don't recommend that you play this way. Generally, your original buy-in should be the total amount you are willing to put at risk in this gambling contest.

With our Roulette System, many other factors are tied to the amount used in a game, including the size of your wagers, the spread between your smallest and largest wagers, your loss limit, your win goal and your ROI for a game.

In general, any ROI greater than 20% of your game bankroll is an acceptable win. With our system, your target win will usually be larger than this, but nonetheless, I want you to consider 20% of your game bankroll a respectable win. Furthermore, I want you to be willing to pick up your chips and walk away with a win as small as 20% of your game bankroll.

If you only buy in for $200, then a 20% game ROI would be equal to $40. Before you protest that this is too small a win, please remember that the Roulette System concept will let you make this level of winnings in a very short time period, usually less than half an hour. If you want to win more, the recommended procedure is to buy in for a larger amount.

Don't worry that I am going to require you to gamble at the casino with a higher amount than you can afford. My preferred tactic is to always start small and to increase your bankroll through casino winnings.

Keep the idea of ROI in mind. Not only is the concept a handy way to compute minimum acceptable winnings, it is also useful because it will get you in the habit of thinking of gambling as a form of higher risk investing or speculation, much like "playing the stock market."

However, as we shall see, when you use the Roulette Strategy, your risk may be a lot lower than investing in stocks.