The American Roulette Layout

American Roulette Wheel layout
American Roulette Wheel

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How to Bet on the Roulette Table

A single number bet is made by placing a chip on the number itself without touching any lines. Bets on two numbers are placed on the line between numbers. Three number wagers are made on the outside line of the layout. Four number bets go on the intersection of four numbers.

A five-number wager is made on the American wheel and covers 1, 2, 3, 0 and 00. This wager is placed on the line separating the 1, 2, 3 from the 0 and 00 spaces at a corner intersection. This becomes a four number wager on the French wheel. Incidentally, the five-number American wheel wager has the distinction of giving the house an edge of 7.89% as compared to 5.26% for all other wagers on the American wheel.

The American Roulette Layout

A six-number bet is made by placing the chip at the intersection of the side line and the line between two rows of numbers. Bets on columns are made by placing chips on one of the three spaces on the bottom of the layout, under the columns of numbers. Dozens are wagered by placing the wager in the appropriate box. On the French table, 12P, 12M, and 12D correspond to 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12s. Bets on adjacent columns or dozens are placed on the line between the two columns or dozens. Bets on even-money chances are made by placing the wager inside the box corresponding to the wager. For instance, a wager on red is made by placing the bet in the red box on the outside of the layout.

In the American version of the game, each player has issued a different colored chip, so that no two players play with the same color chips. Typical colors used are: white, yellow, brown, red, green and purple. These chips themselves have no value as a player determines the value of the chips when he buys in. For instance, one player's chips may represent $.25 each, while another player's chips may be worth $1.00 each. The dealer "marks" the value of each color chip with a button.

A player using the colored roulette chips should never leave the table with the colored chips, as they may not be cashed in or used in any other casino game. When you are ready to leave the table, ask the dealer for color and he will change the roulette chips for regular casino chips.

In the French game, chips represent fixed amounts, such as five francs, twenty-five francs and so on. You need to watch your own wagers like a hawk as there is no difference in color to differentiate your wager from anyone else's. Consequently, there are many more disputes in the French game, and more than once another player has tried to grab my winnings. I have found that it pays to stand firm in these matters and that if the dispute can be resolved in no other way, the house will pay both players.

Because of the size of the French table, you will require the croupier's assistance in playing many of your wagers. An experienced croupier will remember your wager (especially if you tip after winning a large payoff) and can be your ally when these disputes arise.