Win Roulette with the D'Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert System,  often called a pyramid system is one of the safest system players can use because while he increases his bets after a loss, it’s at a much smaller rate than the Martingale System

Also, the chances are much smaller than the player goes bankrupt or reaches the table limit before he can make up for previous losses.

Jean Le Rond d'Alembert
Jean Le Rond d'Alembert

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How to play the d’Alembert roulette system?

The player bets on high/low or even/odd or any color by following these simple rules:

  1. The first bet is one unit ($5 chip).
  2. When the player loses he increase his bet by one unit ($6).
  3. When the player wins he decrease his bet by one unit.
  4. When the player achieves a net profit, he reset the progression and start over with one unit.
Alembert roulette system
Alembert roulette system

Let’s go through a quick example starting with a bet of 5:

  1. Bet 5 and lose
  2. Bet 6 and lose
  3. Bet 7 and win
  4. Bet 6 and lose
  5. Bet 7 and win
  6. Bet 6 and win
  7. Bet 5 and lose
  8. Bet 6 and win

The math for what we see above is as follows:

0 – 5 – 6 + 7 – 6 + 7 + 6 – 5 + 6 = 4

The idea is that when the losses increase in number then it is worth betting more because the expectation of a win increases accordingly. And what the player tries to achieve is to be paid for his wins more than he paid for his losses.

The d’Alembert System is a very easy method to play even for a newbie. No complicated calculations needed

Watch this short clip that demonstrates the d’Alembert System at an online roulette.