The Gambler’s Guide to Travelling

The world’s a big place! If you’re one of the many people in it who enjoys a spot of gambling then this is the place for you! In recent years, gambling has become a far more common pastime with many countries around the globe passing legislation to legalise it.

Back in the early days, if you wanted to gamble you either had to head to Monaco, be wealthy enough to afford the high-class life of Monte Carlo, or you hopped on a plane to Nevada and you went to the entertainment capital of the world for dinner, a show and a few quick games of chance. But nowadays, you can even play at home with card games from Betfair at your fingertips! If you’re hoping to make a trip somewhere with a spot of gambling to lighten your day, there are all kinds of options!

We’re not ruling out Las Vegas or  Monte Carlo of course, both have earned their reputations as a playground for the rich, but if you’re planning to spend some of your holidays in an area that offers the unique thrill of the casino then you definitely need to look at both of these.

But, if what you’re after is a high-quality experience with some high stakes betting, Macau really is the place you need to be. With more casinos than Monaco but fewer than Vegas, Macau is rapidly becoming the Asian equivalent of the other two titans, and its profits are rapidly surpassing that of the incumbent kings.

But Macau isn’t alone, a number of Asian countries are beginning to move into the casino sphere with Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam being major examples – even Japan has recently signed legislation enabling them to open casinos within the country’s borders provided the casinos are part of an ‘integrated resort’.

Even if you want to limit things to one country, say America, there are a few options which you might not consider that make great travel destinations! You could drop by Atlantic City, Pennsylvania, (which recently introduced new ‘mini-casinos’ as a separate form) or any of the rapidly increasing number of states that allow casinos for a slightly more diverse trip than just hitting Vegas. To get an idea of some of the great locations around the globe where you pop in to play some casino games, check out this handy infographic!

Gamblers Guide to Travelling

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