Net Entertainment Casinos Offer Industry-First Sports Betting Widget

We bet that the last year’s FIFA World Cup attracted more people’s attention than the Avengers: Endgame premiere. Football fans love betting and spend millions of dollars every year in an effort to beat the bookies. Seriously, by collecting all the money that some individual punters wager on football matches, they could have bought tickets to the Cup and watched the most important matches with their own eyes!

What’s more, casino software providers go the extra mile and make betting much easier for regular wagerers. Here, we are analyzing a brand-new tool in the gaming industry – a sports betting widget by NetEnt.

The Inception of a Sports Betting Widget

In 2018, many improvements, upgrades, and innovations were implemented in the industry. The digital distribution of a variety of games made them accessible to millions of customers worldwide. Like an avalanche, the industry keeps moving forward.

One of the greatest events in the gaming industry in 2018 was the emergence of the sports betting widget that allowed online casino players bet on the World Cup matches without interrupting their gameplay. It was the #1 topic on most thematic websites. The newly released widget attracted the attention of industry leaders and newcomers planning to strengthen their positions; it became the focus of IT engineers who developed specific tools for industry’s improvement; and last but not least, it amazed the players by taking their experience to a brand new level.

The First Live Sports Betting Widget in the Market

Let’s see where the life-changing widget came from.

NetEnt and Their Contribution

If you are acquainted with the online gaming industry, you have definitely heard about Net Entertainment. The company is one of the gaming industry leaders, which is proven by impressive financial reports. Their history started more than 20 years ago when the platform for gaming solutions development was built. More than 900 professionals contribute their time, skills and professionalism to upgrading NetEnt solutions. With offices in 7 countries, the company keeps surprising the most demanding users.

A Brand New Betting Widget

NetEnt employed streaming technology to combine 2 different mechanics: sports betting and online casinos. With the widget, a player can simultaneously bet on any match they are interested in and enjoy a new level of user experience while playing in a live casino.

Here, a particularly important thing is the integration with a third-party content management system. This software tool allows for creating live odds and game tables. It improves the experience by making everything clear and simple. A game, a match, or a specific bet – whatever you participate in, it is much more convenient with betting widgets.

Wisely Chosen Timing

The company picked the perfect time for producing this widget. Due to the FIFA World Cup and the extreme hype over this event, the NetEnt sports betting widget got to the hall of fame really fast. Dozens of operators extended their offers with this widget, attracting thousands of users, and multiplying their revenue.

3 Primary Advantages of a Sports Betting Widget

Looking for some more information about this widget? It is featured with powerful functionality and allows utilizing several techniques:

Cross-selling opportunity and stable income

This widget provides access to new cross-selling opportunities. According to the company’s CTO, it provides operators with confidence and stable revenue.

The widget allows growing the capital with no concerns about potential issues or additional costs. Sports betting revenue is augmented with the benefits of running your own online casino. Many other products can be integrated into the system as well.

Real-time updates

During the World Cup, it was crucial to keep all the players up to date with the most recent results. In order to avoid numerous web page updates per second, the users could employ the widget. Instant updates and real-time information are some of the greatest features provided by the widget. Gamers and online casino attendees could not miss out on the important moments and changes in the score.

Competition in the market

The number of gamers grows annually. At the same time, the number of companies in the gaming industry increases rapidly, too. Constantly chasing gamers’ needs and wishes, some Net Entertainment casino often overlook the steps taken by their competitors. As a result, even if you are delivering high-quality services and doing your best to keep your head above the water, you can still lose the race.

Revolution in Gaming

One fact remains clear: Net Entertainment made a huge contribution to the entire industry and increased the entertainment of many football fans and casino players worldwide.

Effectively, the World Cup is not the only event where this sports betting widget could find its application. The widget could be employed for many other sports events and find many more use cases for sure.

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