Best Online Casino Games for Novice Players

Online gambling has really taken off over the last 20 years. The chances of winning a large jackpot are much better than in land-based casinos, and many casino sites have great welcome bonuses.

It’s always good to shop around for the best casino bonuses with casinos from reputable gaming jurisdictions. Rankings of the top casinos include Las Vegas and other top destinations, so you can be sure that the games are fun and have great payouts.

First-time players can feel overwhelmed with the massive selection of games on offer. There are many ways to win real money, but some are a little easier than others.

Some of the easiest casino games are table games, but slot machines are very easy to get into. Providers put a lot of effort into creating entertaining games with lots of bonuses and fun gameplay.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are usually the first place that beginners start. The house edge at online casinos is very competitive, and the payouts can be enormous. With a good bankroll, you can play for a long time and have a lot of fun.

Slot machines at online casinos are fun and usually have a very good RTP of around 96.5%. This can be a fun way to get lots of chances to win in a short time, and they have fun gameplay.

Each online slot game is a little different. Slot games all rely on a reel mechanic where new tiles are rotated into the playing field with each spin. Then the games change it up with bonus rounds, free spins, and multipliers.

Video slots are one of the most popular casino games at online casinos, so they get a lot of attention from the providers. A lot of work goes into making top-notch games that work flawlessly.

Today’s slots play like video games, with lots of cute artwork and animations. They’re a fun entry point into online gaming. Still, for a lot of experienced gamblers, they are actually the gambling games of choice.


Baccarat is a simple card game where the dealer does all the work. It’s relaxing, and the only choice you need to make is whether to bet on the banker’s hand, the player’s hand, or a tie.

You’ve probably heard that you should always bet on the banker’s hand. That’s true. Even with the 5% casino commission, the banker’s hand has the best odds and an RTP of almost 99%.

The gambling experience is elegant and straightforward. With little to do in this game of chance, it gives you a chance to relax and socialize.

There are different Baccarat variants, but Punto Banco is the standard. The goal is to get as close as possible to 9. 10’s and higher count as zero, and if you go over 10, only the ones digit counts. So, a 16 is played as 6. 

Baccarat is one of the best games for new and experienced players because it’s difficult to make mistakes, and the RTP is very high.

New players like baccarat because the casino takes care of everything for you. Experienced players often develop elaborate wagering systems, but they have zero impact on the odds and ultimate winnings.

Casino War

Casino War is an even easier card game that is entirely a game of chance. You and the dealer are both dealt a card, and the higher card wins. 

If there is a tie, you have the option to give up half of your stake or go to war. In the war round, you double your wager, the dealer and player each receive another card, and the highest card wins. If you win, you receive half of your total stake, and if you lose, the whole pot goes to the casino.

This is a fun game that is very similar to the simple card games that children enjoy. Like baccarat, it’s a game of chance. War is a fun way and familiar to get into casino card games.


Blackjack is the classic casino table game. It’s straightforward to learn, and the basic strategy has about the same RTP as Baccarat. 

This means you will have a lot of days when you walk away from the tables richer than you arrived. Blackjack is simple but has gameplay that baccarat lacks.

Online blackjack is the same as offline, but the gameplay can be much faster. Some of the best games have live dealers, and the interaction can be enjoyable.

The goal in blackjack is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. Going over is a bust and results in an automatic loss. 

There are comprehensive guides on when to hit, double, and stay, but the strategies are pretty simple. Blackjack is designed to be easy to play for beginners.

Blackjack requires a little more skill than baccarat, but not much. The basic strategy takes no more than 10 minutes to learn and is easy enough for novice gamblers.


Craps looks intimidating because of the rituals that go with it, but actually, you simply throw the dice and pick up your winnings. It’s a complete game of chance, and the dealer will walk you through any rules you forget.

Online craps is an easier way to pick up the game because the rituals other gamblers might be following aren’t there to intimidate you. People get excited in craps games, and they all have specific ways to call on Lady Luck.

The round starts with a come-out throw, where you hope to throw a natural 7 or 11. These numbers automatically win, while 2, 3, and 12 crap out or lose. The other numbers establish a point that must be rolled again before a 7.

After the point is established, only the losing 7 and winning point have value in the second phase. If the shooter hits the point again, the pass line wins, and a new round starts. Any combination that adds up to 7 will be seven out and end the round with a don’t pass.

Players can bet on the pass or don’t pass lines as long as there hasn’t been a point established and can bet on coming or don’t come if a point has been established.

All of this sounds complicated, but it really comes down to dice rolls which either win or lose. There will typically be large crowds and four casino employees guiding the play on a single table in land-based casinos. In online casinos, the action is much cleaner, with most of the work being done by the software.


There are actually three different major versions of Roulette. European or French Roulette has the best odds of 97.2 RTP for single numbers, and American Roulette has the worst odds at 92.74 RTP.

After that, you can gamble on any number, red/black, or on a dozen. The best returns are with single numbers, although you’ll go through long dry spells before you hit.

The best strategy is to choose your lucky number and stick with it. Have patience and wait out the dry spells until you get a lucky hit. 

European versions of Roulette have excellent RTPs for single numbers. Still, many gamblers find that waiting for single numbers to come up takes a long time and can be gut-wrenching. The variance is very high.

Roulette is a classic table game that you should definitely know. It’s one of the most common games in pop culture and can be seen in many movies. 

The odds are excellent if you’re patient, but the variance is extremely high. That’s why you often see elegant gentlemen like James Bond placing big bets on single numbers. 

If you’ve got strong nerves, placing a bet on a single number is a simple and easy way for beginners to experience the thrill of casino gaming. The payouts are fantastic, and the gameplay is exciting.


Keno is basically like playing the lottery. You choose up to 20 numbers and mark them on your play table. The play tables are collected, and then 20 numbers are drawn with a ball machine or a random number generator.

Since Keno is basically a private lottery, it’s more available than the government lotteries and typically has better odds. If you like playing lotteries, you’re going to love Keno.

Like lotteries, the chances of getting multiple numbers are very slim. Getting all 20 numbers has statistically impossible 1 in 3.5 quintillion odds.

The more numbers you bet, the less likely you are to get all of the numbers, but you’re more likely to get at least one hit. A 20 spot keno game won’t ever return all 20 numbers, but it’s expected to return at least 5.

Depending on how many numbers you choose, you can expect to win some money often and get a big payout occasionally. Keno is slower than other games because the numbers have to be drawn individually, but it’s fun to play while you also hit the slots for a while.

Online Keno games can be very fast, depending on the online casino. The frequency can be as fast as the casino chooses, and numbers can be displayed quickly or slowly, according to taste.

The house edge in Keno is small, typically less than 5%. It’s very easy to play because it’s just like other lotteries. 

Keno is popular with players who like to game with a set of lucky numbers. The RTP is great, so small wins are relatively common. In addition, there’s always the possibility of a genuinely massive jackpot.

Texas Hold ’em

Texas Hold ’em is the standard form of poker found in casinos today. It’s more popular than other variants because it’s the game you see pros play in the World Series of Poker.  

Poker games are a classic way to put the skill into casino gaming. Unlike most other games, a skilled player can consistently win a lot of money.

Texas Holdem starts with a blind and double-blind bet by the two players to the dealer’s left. Two cards are then dealt with each player, and five community cards are dealt face up over a series of betting rounds.

Bettors try to make the best poker hand possible using the hole cards plus the community cards. The best 5-card poker hand wins.

The gameplay revolves around betting and bluffing other players into misunderstanding the strength of your hand. This makes it a game of skill rather than a pure game of chance.

In video poker, you can’t see your fellow players, but the way they bet can give you a lot of information. 

Try to follow a player’s betting history. If you know how they usually play, their current behavior can give you a significant edge.

Texas hold ’em can be a great game for beginners who already understand poker. There are a lot of poker games broadcast on TV and online, which makes it an easy game to watch.

Watching and learning from other players is essential. Listen to commentators, and get a feeling for the game before you try it.

In the end, Texas Hold ’em is a game where experienced players can make a lot of money. But Texas Hold ’em also has more learning materials available than other casino games.

Final Thoughts

There are many different casino games for new players to try. Most of the games are designed to be learned in only a few minutes. After all, casinos want you to feel comfortable playing.

You must find a game that you like. If you like numbers, try Keno, but if you want big wins, Roulette has an excellent variance. Poker is the game to learn if you want to clean up over the long term.  And finally, slots are good fun for everyone.

Slots are the classic game that most new players try because it’s similar to video games. But if you want to try table games, don’t be shy. You’ll be a pro in no time.

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