Pokerstars calling all poker journalists and content creators

PokerStars News:

We want to celebrate the hard-working members of the poker media who shine a light on our wonderful game by giving YOU the chance to win a coveted $30,000 Platinum Pass.

Yes, you. The people who work tirelessly to bring poker news to millions of poker lovers around the world, but rarely get to sit down and play in the prestigious tournaments you report on.

Some incredible stories have come out of the PSPC this year and the event has received great support and enthusiasm from media worldwide. This is why we want to recognize a valued poker creator.

Entry is simple

You can nominate yourself or someone you think is deserving. Whether they’re a journalist, presenter, videographer, vlogger, podcaster or blogger – anyone who brings poker to the world is eligible.

Tell us in no more than 50 words who you think deserves to go and why you’re nominating them, or yourself. Then send your nomination to [email protected] or tweet your nomination using the hashtag #MyPSPCNomination.

All nominations must be made by December 12.

To find out more and for Ts & Cs visit PokerStars Blog.

We look forward to receiving your entries. Maybe we’ll see you there!

Best Regards,

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