What Is The Importance Of The First Goal In Soccer?

This is especially true in case of live betting since bettors are able to stake their money in those events which have had precedence in an ongoing game. Using historic data most tipster websites offer tips based on speculations and assumptions but for live betting, these whoscored predictions are based on events that have just happened and which have a greater impact on the outcome of a game.

Team winning statistics

Statistically, it has been proved that teams scoring the first goal in a soccer match are much better placed, physically and mentally, to win in the end. To be more precise, teams which score the first goal in a soccer match have a:

  • 69% chance of winning the match,
  • 19% chance of the match resulting in a draw and
  • 12% chance only of losing the match.

However, most tipster websites offering soccerway betting tips state that while these statistics are true for individual games, league group matches and league table standings might have a different impact on the same.

On the other hand, the team against which the goal has been scored tends to become a bit demoralised thereby dimming the chances of making a comeback. Thus using these first goal statistics and facts, bettors with whoscored predictions are better placed to make a correct prediction of the final results of the match.

Exceptions to the rule

Soccer is an unpredictable game and no amount of data and statistical analysis can guarantee 100% predictions and tips from tipster websites. It would also not be wrong to say that the surety of a win has a tendency to rob the game of its thrill and excitement; two factors that make for a great adrenaline rush as experienced by players, viewers, punters and bookies alike.

There are other factors involved in the games which have an impact on the soccerway betting tips and predictions like:

  • Whether the first goal was scored by the home or away team,
  • The point of the game at which the goal was scored,
  • The physical state of the teams,
  • The progress of the weather etc.

These result in the formation of situations wherein visiting teams manage to turn the tides in their favour and win the game even after losing out on scoring the first goal.

Thus it would not be wrong to say that winning a wager in soccer betting depends on a strategy which involves getting good whoscored tips and taking the statistics involved into consideration thereby enabling the punter to achieve almost 80% success in placing a wager.

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