Betting Down Under the Top Betting Sports in Australia

Sports have always been part of every culture – and betting in different sports events is at its heart. With this, marking one’s calendars, awaiting games, and watching them per se has been a massive form of excitement and enjoyment. Likewise, placing bets has gotten more accessible as it takes on its new form found on the Internet.

With this in mind, betting has become easier and accessible than ever before – as everyone can do it in the four corners of their home. So, if you’re looking to try your hand at betting and give this fun activity a go – you can quickly start by betting on these five sports events found in the Land Down Under:

Horse Racing

With 300 different racecourses located all over Australia, you can expect horse racing to be the first sport you’d want to bet on. Here, you’ll be granted an exciting sport as you log into a world of jockeys with their accompanying horses. This sport also has a long history you can dive yourself into – with the Melbourne Cup dating back to 1861.

Not only can you enjoy this sport during the Melbourne Cup, but you can also take part in it during the Australian Cup, Australian Derby, or even during the W.X. Cox Plate – which is held every October. With these multiple race-horsing events, you’re sure to have a taste of fun and excitement even in the comforts of your home. Likewise, you could even contact TopSport website to make your betting adventures easier and faster!

Australian Football

Australians also have their set of rules when it comes to football. Although it may be confusing to non-Australians, it does have its excitement to offer when it comes to watching and betting. Here, the significant difference you can determine with other types of football is the scoring or awarding of a kick or mark. So, getting and betting on this sport will also mean you’d have to know the rules of the game.

Likewise, you can expect the Australian Football League to make its way into your TV screens and search history – as this sport will hook you in its unpredictability. Not only this, as most teams even surprise their fans with varying statistics on previous matches. You could even make educated bets and guesses based on the runs of the different groups.


Rugby is a sport people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds can enjoy. Since it has varying formats – such as non-contact sevens and even fifteen-a-side, socializing and enjoyment come hand-in-hand. Likewise, rugby has also captured the hearts of many with its athleticism and passion. Since it is a fast-moving sport, it gains a lot of attention from its supportive fans.

With the National Rugby League in full swing, you’ll find yourself looking at the most talented rugby players in Australia. Additionally, such a league caters not only to national but international and top-notch players as well. You’d also discover that Australia never disappoints when it comes to rugby – as they never leave dominant places on the international stage and continue attracting people and viewers.


Dating as far back as the 13th century, Cricket is an old sport that continues to excite during the summer. Although it started as a kid’s game, it developed into a national sport that everyone has come to love. Likewise, it’s an easy sport to bet on since it has understandable and easy-flowing rules to follow.

Additionally, Cricket has a lot of varieties – which could be Test Cricket or 20-20 Cricket. With Test Cricket, games can take up to five days, getting pretty intense from there. You could even tune in to 20-20 Cricket which takes a lot faster than Test Cricket. Here, each inning will be composed of 20 overs. Overall, Australian Cricket is a game of skill and finesse, with players showing intense leg-work and viewers having the time of their lives.


Although baseball is greatly interlaced with Australian Cricket, it has long grown into a popular sport that has made its way to Major League organizations. Additionally, since this sport is trendy, you can easily log online and place your wagers on the games.

Additionally, the most fantastic thing about the Land Down Under is the hot summer days, an excellent advantage for outdoor sports like baseball. With this, the professional baseball league will bring top talents all over the country to compete without any weather interruptions or conflict. Thus, you can enjoy this hearty game under the heat of the sun or on your living room’s couch – all the while enjoying the competition’s unpredictability.


With all these sports events to bet on and look out for, one is sure to have the time of their lives in Australia. Likewise, you get to enjoy a lively game and feast and socialize with fellow watchers and fans as well. Not only this, but you also obtain the chance to try your luck and showcase your skill when it comes to online betting. So, take your chances, get on your betting site, and take on the betting games found in the Land Down Under!

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