15 easy steps to choose the best online casino

Online casinos give welcome bonus that could be a no-deposit bonus but it doesn’t mean that you should join the first gambling website you find on the web.

If you have a friend who’s also a member of a gambling website, you can join the website he’s a member of. Or ask him to help in finding a reliable site where you can enjoy casino games and other activities like lottery and sports betting.

Let’s assume that you are an amateur in gambling and looking for the best gambling site. In this situation, you will start your search with basic factors like design before moving on to more important factors like license.

  1. Design

Design is the first thing you will notice at your first encounter with online casinos. If you find a design attractive, you will stay on the site and explore its services. Here you have a choice. You can simply discard a site who you don’t find attractive.

  1. Presentation

After the design, you will look at the presentation. For example, the home page of the site could have pictures of casino games with information on bonus and jackpot. You will try comprehending the offers from pictures and whatever information is provided. If you can, you will move to the next step that is membership.

  1. User-friendly

You will notice whether a site is user-friendly while exploring its content like finding links to internal pages. For example, you won’t find it user-friendly, if you need to scroll a site up and down to read its content to make it meaningful.

  1. Membership form

You will be asked to fill an online form to become a member. The form should be simple like it shouldn’t ask the information that you don’t have or you don’t want to share. For example, you might have reservation in sharing your date of birth but no hesitation in mentioning your age. Similarly, you might want to gamble with a fake identity. If you find the form difficult, you will choose to quit.

  1. Payment options

You will expect multiple payment options including card payment (debit/credit), online transfer and PayPal, etc. But you shouldn’t be forced to choose a specific option like Google Pay. Any compulsion from the site could make you suspicious about it.

Important factors

  1. License

Gambling is a legitimate business and like other businesses, it is also registered. For example, online casinos would be registered in the countries they are working from. A gambling website should publish its license to run casino games on its homepage. It would be a number or a seal/stamp of the country the gambling site belongs to.

  1. Security

It is a technical matter but of more concern than other factors. You will enter your card/account details on a site to transfer payment. If the site isn’t using high-security level like SSL, the crucial info related to your bank account could get hacked. But it is easier to check the security level of a site. You will find a sign like a “lock” on the payment page of the website. If you click on the lock, you will get complete information about its security features.

  1. Games offered

All casino games will be there on a leading gambling site but you will expect more like many versions of slots and video poker that is said to be more interesting than the traditional form of poker. While you will find all the games under the service tab of the site, some websites have dedicated pages for different games. Your longing for more would keep your eyes glued to the site.

  1. Bonus

It is free money from a gambling site but it could be in hundreds of dollars. You can play for free depending on the terms and conditions guiding the bonus. For example, the bonus could be in the form of free turns instead of cash. Or the cash could be for selected games.

  1. Jackpot

It is what that would excite you most about casino games. A jackpot can multiply your winnings in one-shot. You can check the rules for jackpot and play accordingly to emerge victorious. Chasing jackpots will make the activities more interesting.


  1. Education

Since you are new to gambling, you will expect the gambling site to provide real help in understanding rules of games. For example, take baccarat. This card game involves chasing number 9. You will be dealt two cards whose value would be calculated to determine your position. In baccarat, tens and face cards worth zero and other cards including ace retain their values. You should get complete info in a readable manner.

  1. Live dealers

Table games including roulette are run by dealers. As an online player, you won’t have physical access to the dealers but you can communicate with them using chatting platforms. In short, online casinos should allow you to communicate directly with dealers instead of suggesting you refer Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Transfer of winnings

Your winnings would be credited to your gambling account from where you can transfer the winnings to your bank account but only after obtaining the permission of your gambling site. Online casinos have wagering requirements for gamblers and these requirements could be discouraging for players. It is advised you go through all the terms and conditions of gambling before making an opinion on a gambling site.

  1. Mobile gambling

It is the latest trend in online gambling. Today there is hardly a gambling site without a mobile application. You should also get an app from your casino. But before downloading the application on your mobile, you should check its compatibility with other apps in your mobile. This app will make gambling more entertaining because you can access the casino and participate in all the activities offered from your mobile.

  1. Customer care

A gambling website must have a customer care section to deal with queries raised by gamblers. It is a must because, in the absence of dedicated customer care service, you will feel discouraged to continue your membership with the site.

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