Poker Strategy: choosing a table

The choice of the table is very important for a successful game. There are tables where you can win a lot, and there are those where, at best, you will play zero. Of course, this is most important at medium-high limits. On the micro limits, from which you will begin, you can win at almost any table. But even here, winrate can strongly depend on the approach to choosing tables (to learn more – read the article on

In addition, it is very important to leave the table in time after the win, since the game with the increased stack is unprofitable.

So, remember at what tables and with what stacks you can play.

poker strategy choosing a table
poker strategy: choosing a table

When choosing a table, you must follow the following rules:

  1. You always play full-ring tables with 9-10 participants. If the players are less than 7, you leave the table (waiting for your turn to put BB). The game with a few opponents is completely different and should be conducted in a different way. In time, you will master it, but it will not be exactly the strategy that we are now teaching you.
  2. Imagine that at the table all players use this strategy. It is clear that the game will reduce to pumping rake poker room. Therefore, you need to choose a table where at least 7 players (with a small selection of tables — at least half of the players) have long stacks. Of course, only a minority of players with a short stack will stick to a strategy similar to ours, and most of them are just bad players who do not risk taking a lot of money into the game. Therefore, after watching the game you can sit at the table with short stacks if we know that they do not stick to a similar strategy. Note: Due to the effectiveness of the strategy of the short stacks, allowing even beginners to win, some leading poker rooms raised buy-ins at most tables, leaving tables for the short stacks. When playing in these rooms, the ability to choose opponents is limited. But most players at the corresponding tables are a regular “fish”, so you can safely play with them without worrying about the size of their stacks.
  3. With numerous tables, the advantage should be given to the table with the largest average pot, the largest number of players watching the flop and not too fast game (this statistics is usually displayed for each table in the lobby of the room.)
  4. If you have more than one free space and you have time to watch the game, you should sit on the left (this is called “in position”) from the weakest players to bet after them and to win more from them.
poker strategy
poker table

Boarding and stack adjustment:

  1. Always sit down to play with a total of 20 big blinds (BB). For the limit of NL10 BB is $0.1 and sit down with $2. For NL25 sit down with $5. If according to the rules of the room the minimum buy-in for this limit is more than 20 BB, then you cannot play at this limit and should choose a higher one.
  2. If during the game our stack is less than 15 BB, we need to buy chips to 20 BB (in some rooms you can set up the automatic purchase, in others — do it manually.)
  3. If your stack is 25 BB or more, you should get up from the table. Continue to play with such a stack is no longer possible. It does not depend on your game, but simply mathematically unprofitable. Getting up from the table is not necessary right away. You turn off the automatic setting of the blinds and wait for the queue to put BB, and then you get up instead of the blind. Playing with an increased stack in the first stage is better to fold all hands, except for monsters — AA, KK. Over time, better mastering the game on post-flop, you can expand the range to normal. Note: you need to consider that only the “effective” stack plays a role, i.e. the smaller of your and the partner stack. Therefore, if you play on special tables for short stacks, and most people have short stacks, then you do not need to leave the table. “Exceeding” your stack, in this case, does not play any role, and you do not need to change your game.
  4. When boarding at the table you are offered to put BB out of turn to immediately start the game. Do not do this; it’s thrown away money, which at the distance pour out into a large amount. You have to wait for your turn to put BB. Exception: if you are in the CO position and the table is full (all seats are occupied and there are no players in the sit-out), then you can put the BB in this position, because in this case you will play 7 hands for 1 BB, instead of the usual 10 hands for 1.5 BB, which is almost the same.

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