CS:GO Gambling Explained

CS:GO Gambling Explained

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the famous CS:GO, is one of the fastest-growing eSports in gambling sites! By the way, there are many CS:GO betting sites nowadays. But which ones are the best? What markets to play in? In this article, we will teach you how to bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

How to Bet on CS:GO

Once you’ve chosen the right house, it’s time to register on the website. This is usually fast, requiring no more than some data. Both the first deposit and the Welcome Bonus should be part of your initial strategy, including setting the betting bank.

Determine how much you can invest in your CS GO bets. But, most importantly, know how to manage this amount, deciding how much to invest in each guess. Find out the ideal minimum bankroll in a bet and discover three proven methods to manage your bankroll. Another critical point is to know which betting sites. The experts at Valorant Betting Sites surveyed with the best CS:GO betting sites.

The other 2 points that are part of a winning strategy in CS GO are:

  • Know the competitions of the sport
  • Understand the betting markets in this report

When you know a Counter-Strike competition well, it becomes easier to understand how markets work. But how to know the competitors well and how to dominate the markets well? Watching Counter-Strike matches!

It’s just like any other sport, because only by following the matches can you understand how the game works.

CS:GO Gambling Explained

Betting Markets

Understanding how CS:GO works are accessible. This already makes it much easier when you place your bets, especially if you know the competitions. As for markets, there is much less variety in Counter-Strike compared to traditional sports. Still, on CS GO betting sites, you will have good betting opportunities like the following:

  • moneyline
  • Rounds/Maps
  • Frags
  • First death
  • bombs
  1. Moneyline or 1X2

The most common and straightforward Counter-Strike Global Offensive market is Moneyline. In it, we bet on which team will win or whether it will have a draw. A tie is possible in CS by the game rules. Remember that there are 30 rounds, and the winner is whoever reaches 16 victorious matches first. However, we have cases where there is no tie option. That’s when Moneyline changes to 1X2.

  1. Rounds/Maps

Some bookmakers call this market Maps or Rounds. And inside it, we can find some interesting varieties. If you happen to think that TRIDENT will win the first 16 rounds, you can bet on a Total Over 15.5.

  1. Frags

In CS GO, deaths are called frags. There are an exciting variety of markets related to this point in the game. You can bet on Total Frags in a specific round. Again: it’s an Over/Under but related to kills. You can also bet on Total Individual Frags. When this is the case, you bet on how many kills a team will have in a given round.

  1. First Death

This is a straightforward and challenging market. Here the idea is to bet on which team will have the first kill or frag of the match. Most Counter-Strike markets are ideal for live betting. But not this one. It works best in pre-match. It is difficult to feel the teams’ rhythm or see who is closest to having a frag in their favor in such a short time. If you wait to place the bet at the “right time,” the first kill may occur without validating your guess in time.

  1. Pumps

A particular market that you won’t find in any other sport.

It works very well in live betting. Following the match, you can tell if the bomb will be disarmed or not as the rounds unfold.

Tips to start betting on CS:GO

  • Bet on Maps or Rounds

Like other digital games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has more than one mode. The Competitive, as said, is the main thing. Even though most CS GO competitions are based on this model, the rules of these tournaments are not the same. In many cases, you will find that to have a winning team, one of the teams has to win 16 rounds.

There are situations in which bookmakers do not present bets on rounds but maps. The team that obtains two maps first wins. We can say that these are the two best markets for you to bet on. They are where you should focus your efforts.

  • Follow News About the Mod

Today it is possible to find news on any subject on the internet. Mainly about something as hot as CS GO. Having this information constantly updated will make you a better bettor in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When you have the stats and facts about teams and tournaments at hand, you can better identify value betting opportunities.

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