QUIZ: How to tell which Poker Star you are

You have four players, all playing Hold ‘em with the river down for all to see. You’ve got one player in a baseball cap, cursing under his breath and looking like he’s one more loss away from having a meltdown.

Another, calm and collected, keeping an eye on the competition without giving too much away.

Next to him, a cowboy with a glorious moustache who keeps checking over his shoulder before settling down to play some cards.

And right at the end you have a computer monitor with a stylish triangular logo that’s playing to mathematical perfection.

So, the odds of Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Wild Bill Hickok and Libratus playing a game together are slim, to say the least. But of these four, who do you think your style of play is most similar to? Well, you can know for sure by answering this quiz! Just answer how you would normally act during a poker game and, in the next online poker tournament you enter, you can be secure in the knowledge that you’ll likely play in a manner similar to one of these legends.